Shen Ng Ga Kuen Store

Welcome to our Web Store. Here you will find unique items to help in your continued advancement in training and knowledge. Visit our Ng Ga Kuen Store for the best selection of products related to Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong's famous 5 Family, 5 Animal style of kung fu. We also offer Dit Da Jow herbs and prepared liniment for your training and healing needs. For those involved in Iron Skills training, we offer traditional bags and equipment for Iron Palm, Iron Vest, Iron Body or Golden Bell Cover, as well as Iron Palm liniments from various traditions and styles. For those training in Noi Gung, Wai Gung, or Strengthening routines, we offer herbal support wines and tonics such as Stone Warrior, Cotton Steel Wine, Dragon's Breath and others. We hope our site will benefit your training and continued growth. 


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