Chi Kung

Chi Kung is an integral part of traditional Kung Fu. It is part of the progression of training in complete or authentic, traditional kung fu and as such inseparable from it.

 Our teaching curriculum includes the following sets and systems:


  • Small 5 Elements
  • 8 Pieces of Brocade
  • 6 Healing Sounds
  • Small Lohan 
  • Ng Ga Hei Gung 
  • 18 Lohan 
  • Iron Shirt
  • Stone Warrior
  • Muscle / Tendon Changing
  • Marrow Washing 
  • Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan
  • Other


There is no separation between "external" and "internal" as they are intertwined as Yin and Yang part of the same whole. Kung fu is internal and external as chi kung is external and internal. Training in kung fu makes your chi kung better and practicing chi kung improves your kung fu. Each are elements of one wholistic discipline, a path for self-development. 

Every form, routine or exercise has a purpose, addressing  specific objectives and providing different benefits to the practitioner. While most chi kung sets will benefit health and improve movement, there are also deeper aspects and sets designed for specific outcomes as the practitioner continues to advance.

Small 5 Element Form - Exercise 1 and 2